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About Freestone Economics

Freestone Economics was founded to capitalize on three trends in the energy and market intelligence landscape:

  1. Democratized data: Not long ago, much of the fundamental data in the energy sector was difficult to aggregate or costly to acquire. This is changing rapidly. Also, data generated within businesses is increasing in quantity and quality. Freestone capitalizes on this trend by providing market intelligence and data analytics services more efficiently than has previously been possible.

  2. Risk visibility: The greater availability of data is unlocking the ability to better understand many of the risks in the energy industry – economic, regulatory, price, and supply chain risks for example. Freestone brings data and statistical literacy to enhance understanding and management of risk.

  3. Mid-continent energy renaissance: Beginning with the boom in natural gas drilling and continuing today with oil, natural gas and alternative sources, the energy ecosystem in the mid-continent is thriving. Freestone serves this important market with a presence in the heart of the region.

Freestone Economics Approach

There is no shortage of news, information and opinions about energy markets today. However, making sense of it all can be difficult. Over the last 10 years, we have developed an approach to making information actionable:

  1. Know what is knowable: Freestone simplifies the process of keeping up with the data and information flow in the energy industry. We track it, interpret it and deliver it in concise updates.  

  2. Understand the risks: Returns are the reward for taking risk. Depending on your strategy, a given risk may be something you seek to profit from or something you seek to eliminate. For example, an oil exploration and production company may be comfortable taking the geologic and execution risk of drilling wells but seek to eliminate oil price risk through hedges.  We identify and, to the extent possible, quantify risk.

  3. Take an informed position: Staying on top of the knowable information and identifying, understanding and quantifying risk allows us to develop an informed position on a given issue. This is Freestone’s approach to making information actionable.

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