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Market Intelligence

Rooted in economics and driven by data, our approach to market intelligence is transparent and objective. It is not based on opinions, though we are happy to share ours. And no black boxes.

Our market intelligence services include:

  • Identification of market drivers and data sources

  • Development of data tracking tools and capabilities

  • Assessment and outlook for supply, demand, and pricing

  • Any necessary models

  • Identification of key risks and uncertainties, including scenario planning

  • Development of strategic plans

Freestone market intelligence can be delivered as a bespoke project or via a subscription service.

Analysis On-Demand

Have an analysis or research project in mind but need help executing it? Freestone Economics has on-demand analytical horsepower for market research, data mining, modeling and forecasting projects.

Asset Valuation

Energy and mineral asset valuations that are data-driven and transparent in their assumptions, providing scenarios around key uncertainties such as future development and commodity prices.

Data Service
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